Small Business Tax Audit Prevention

  Currently 2017 tax has come to a close, and the 2017 tax due date will be here sooner than we think. Although small business taxpayers are in fact rising in numbers, the Internal Revenue Service will not be slacking when it comes to those who either do not pay…

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Tax Considerations for Small Businesses

  In a perfect world, it would be best to plan everything out and then implement the plan. But people usually jump into business and are well on their way before they know exactly what they’re doing. Before you get too far astray take a minute to consider some basic…

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Tax Incentives for Investment Real Estate

  The effectiveness in protecting income from taxation is the true test of any tax shelter. Most real estate is purchased, at least in part, because of the tax benefits that accrue for the owner. Ownership of real estate can produce substantial tax savings that can transform a fair investment…

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Deductible Expenses with Home Office

  Mileage to and from games and meetings Uniforms Umpire equipment Home office • Percentage of square feet • Utilities • Computer • Internet • Phone Insurance- ABUA Associate fees State fees- OHSAA Overnight travel for umpire assignments Example: Umpire 100 games at $55 per game = $5,500 With no…

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