We offer a multitude of business services at an affordable price

Hourly Rates

Accounting and Bookkeeping -$55.00 per hour

We will process all or part of your bookkeeping using QuickBooks software. There are options for reporting designed with your preferences in mind. Once the data is entered or generated, clear and meaningful budgets, projections, and analysis will be undertaken to aid in running the business and creating reports. Professionally prepared statements will be created using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). After review, the statement will be used to create tax return and other reports for you and for government agencies.


Business Consulting/Research - $140.00 per hour

This is the “catch-all” default.  That is, if the service does not fall in the bookkeeping, representation, or the business management categories and is not covered under a unit charge then it must fall in this category.  This includes performing research, reviewing, creating or modification of financial statements and other business documents as necessary.


Third Party Representation - $225.00 per hour

This covers all contacts with third parties including government authorities, vendors, insurance agents, payroll companies, employees, subcontractors, former accountants, customers, attorneys, coaches, advisors, banks, etc.  Also includes the drafting of documents, negotiation assistance and strategizing sessions.


Business Manager- $225.00 per hour

This includes accounts payable and accounts receivable work as well as other kinds of involvement with third parties.

Unit Rates

Income and Sales Taxes - Charged by form, schedule, or worksheet.

These charges change annually and are provided on request.


Incorporation Assistance Package - $395.00

This package includes research into company names, preparation of the Articles of Incorporation, filing of the Articles of Incorporation, if applicable, acquisition of FEIN, 2553, Vendor’s License, state unemployment application, state withholding application.

Free 3-Year Tax Review

We will review the prior 3 years of your tax returns and ensure you get the most out of your tax refund. We find missed additional refunds 80% of the time! We will ensure that your taxes are in order and you aren't missing out, for free!

Payroll Pricing


Service Price
New Client Payroll Account Application
(includes federal & state forms)
Set-up of new CLIENT $24
Set-up of new employee including state new hire report $15
Run Charge $18
Per Check Charge $3
Third Party Check Charge
(such child support, garnishment, tax deposit)
Federal 941 (quarterly) or Federal 944 (annual) $30
Federal 940 (annual) $32
State Unemployment (ODJFS) $32
State Withholding Report $12
State Withholding Reconciliation (annual) $32
Local Withholding Report $18
Local Withholding Reconciliation (annual) $32
BWC (Ohio only, semi-annual) $50
Subcontractor Pay (per check) $3
1099's at year end (each) $5
1098's at year end (each) $10



Prevailing IRS mileage and travel allowance plus out of pocket expenses.

CONSULTANT’s travel time on CLIENT'S direct and exclusive behalf is billable time.

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