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We are a team consisting of experienced, empathetic, and intelligent professionals who are committed to the success of the people we serve. We utilize our extensive range of quality services and knowledge in order to help businesses run more effectively and see increased financial gains. From accounting to a total business rescue, we provide what you need for your business.

Free 3-Year Tax Review

We will review the prior 3 years of your tax returns and ensure you get the most out of your tax refund. We find missed additional refunds 80% of the time! We will ensure that your taxes are in order and you aren’t missing out, for free!

Financial Services

Professional Business Services offers full service accounting and bookkeeping for the small to medium-sized business. We recognize that you should be focused on making money!
Tax Preparation
There should be a strategy behind tax calculations. This means that we are not only your tax experts, but also that we are your trusted financial advisers who see tax as part of your financial success.
Payroll Processing
Hiring and managing workers is fraught with problems and rules. PBS can help you cut through the red tape to get the working relationship you want for the least amount of trouble.

Revolutionary Techniques

We utilize an exclusive funding process to get what your business needs.

Consulting Services

Starting Up
Starting a new business can be difficult, especially when it comes to paperwork. Let us take care of the paperwork for you and ensure you start your business the right way.
Outsourcing administrative tasks is a great way to free up time and if that time is used productively it will also save you money!
Is your business struggling? Allow us to save your business from failure using our rich arsenal of tools and experience, while saving your most needed resource — cash.

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