Targeted Investor Preferred Payback Structure

We offer an exclusive training program for a revolutionary corporate organizational structure that is designed to be flexible and attractive to both starters and investors. This technique is a novel way to organize that will ensure fair compensation and attractive prospects.

What is TIPPS?

TIPPS is a new system of organizing and financing a startup. It is flexible and gives preferential treatment to financiers while giving control to entrepreneurs and advisors.

Traditional corporate models of finance are inflexible and revolve around interest and control to be the same, thus having the expectation that financiers are in control and make big decisions for the rising company. The end goal is to sell the company and give the investors a large payout.

TIPPS is different. TIPPS allows investors to reap the fruits of their investment early on while giving entrepreneurs and advisors more control over the company. Larger investments get better payouts over time, which incentivizes a larger investment. At the start, financiers get the majority of profits. After a certain payout is reached, the owners obtain a majority of the profits. Instead of a buyout, this system is designed to keep the management team on board while investors get a good payout early on. It provides instant and generous payback for investors while owners maintain control and eventually get a large share of profits.

"Specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to stay with their projects"


For Entrepreneurs
Owners don’t risk losing control when getting financed. They can run the business they want to, and once it is successful enough they reap the majority of profits. Advisors don’t risk a king/queen situation, and also get properly compensated once the financiers are compensated.

For Investors
Instant payback, and more payback with a higher investment. Higher profit % at the start without having to worry about deciding things. The owners are incentivized to make money, as they do not get more profits until investors get properly compensated.

Benefits of TIPPS


Control and profit share are not the same number, meaning you and your investors decide how much control and profits get, and it can be changed with certain events.


Advisors and Entrepreneurs maintain control of the company, instead of losing it to the investors. TIPPS lets you control your business without sacrificing potential investments.


Instead of waiting for a big payout, investors get a quicker payout that increases over time. Once a good ROI is reached, the majority of profits then goes to the owners.

How to Start

TIPPS is carried out through a training program and writing of the Operating agreement. Meet one-on-one with one of our advisors who will work with you to establish a version of TIPPS that works for your team and financiers, and integrate it into an operating agreement.