Pro Biz Services Launches Program for Entrepreneurs

CINCINNATI, Ohio-June 5, 2017, Pro Biz Services Inc. recently introduced its “T.I.P.P.S” program designed to provide assistance to new or struggling entrepreneurs that do not have the resources to get their business moving. The acronym “T.I.P.P.S” stands for Targeted Investor Preferred Payback System. The program designed by CEO, Greg Noe, will generate capital for the new entity from investors by creating a payback structure that will make startups attractive investments. The service will further allow the entrepreneur to maintain 100% ownership in their existing company as well as ownership in the new entity along with professional consultants.

The T.I.P.P.S program will provide 4 classes of ownership interest holders– entrepreneurs, advisers, financier, and C shareholders. The management of the new entity will come from the entrepreneur and the designated Pro Biz advisers. The financiers will provide the cash, but then leave once the enterprise becomes self-sufficient. These financiers are a key asset in making the enterprise successful and are therefore given 75% of the profits of the business to re-pay their contributions. This is their preferential payback treatment.

The T.I.P.P.S services differ from the traditional funding model because the entrepreneur and the advisers are teamed up for long term success. The entrepreneurs bring the big idea and the advisers at Pro Biz will then exploit it for a profit. T.I.P.P.S assumes the advisers will primarily accept ownership interests in lieu of cash payments. The divvy of profits and losses can be negotiated throughout the process. The program provides a startup with advisers that provide the organizational structure. It can be looked at as a win-win between entrepreneurs and investors.

Contact Pro Biz Services at (513)-474-4555 or email Greg Noe at for more information about the T.I.P.P.S program.

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